The Laminated Cat

One of Jess’ friends in Minnesota had a dream that we were all hanging out and I had created a drink called a Laminated Cat.

Challenge accepted!

Here we have a very classic style cocktail, made with canadian rye and an italian amaro and using my  friend Mark Coster’s ginger & blackstrap molasses bitters (he also makes an orange bitter, which is decent and a coffee and cigarettes bitters which I haven’t started playing with yet, but I feel has a Tom Waits characteristic to it).

Use 2oz. Rye (I use either Dark Horse <you can’t get this in the U.S.> or Alberta Springs)
.75oz. Amaro Montenegro
7 drops of the above mentioned bitters, which look like this:

Photo 24
Stir that up on ice and serve it like you would serve a Manhattan. I used an orange peel here for the photos, but you don’t necessarily need one.


Photos by Jessica Blaine Smith and Photo Booth.

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